NYPD to Cut Classes, Cops in 2010


Due to budget cuts, the NYPD is cancelling its January 2010 police academy class. Such classes usually train about a thousand cadets, says NY1. Posters at cop board Thee Rant are generally OK with this: “If you hired the right kind of people for this job over the years and gave them the training and authority to do the job,” says one poster, “you could police this city with less than half the number of cops you have today.” (They’re less happy with Bloomberg’s proposal to set the minimum NYPD retirement age at 50.)

NYPD is also “scaling back” its Ground Zero presence by an unspecified amount. Ray Kelly says the 2010 budget allows for a total force of 34,771 officers, more than 3,000 fewer than previously projected. The 70s are comin’ back, baby!