High Places Relocate to Los Angeles, Join the Smell Club


This is what happens to your face when you forsake Brooklyn

Because it’s important to know which blog luminaries you’ll run into at the next Market Hotel show, we’re here to tell you that High Places, thee of elementary-school performances and “winsome exotic-onica,” are no longer a Brooklyn band, though they are playing a “Get Weird” show tonight at the New Museum with Grouper. Mary Pearson went to LA first, now compatriot Rob Barber is officially joining her there–and gloating about it to the Boston Phoenix:

    After more than 10 years of New York City — the rent, the intensity, the heat, the cold, and the inability to “pry” friends from their apartments — Rob Barber has had enough. He’s already half-moved to Los Angeles, along with the other half of High Places, vocalist Mary Pearson. He’s shouting out to her across a café, and I can almost hear the sunlight through the phone. Still fresh from the chilly East, Barber can sense that I can sense this.

“We’re in shorts right now,” he notes with an audible grin.

Their label Thrill Jockey confirms that Rob’s a goner too. Does this mean that we get the Mae Shi instead?

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