On Electrik Red’s “So Good,” “Drink in My Cup,” and, Yes, “We Fuck You”


As we’re all in thrall to The-Dream this week, let’s check in with his girl group, Electrik Red, who’re still threatening to release their debut, How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1 (how many volumes total, do you suppose?), in April. Judging from the video for “So Good,” being a lady involves swinging about on colored ropes and mimicking Dream’s deliciously corny “ooh ooh ooh baby” routine from “Falsetto,” except no one here has his force of personality (frail cooing is the order of the day), and they seem to be taking it all very seriously. (“Falsetto” was a joke, right? Right?)

If nothing else, these ladies certainly have range — the featherweight coquette routine of “So Good” is a radical departure from ER’s other notable single, the faux-badass “Drink in My Cup” (took me a long time to work up the courage to click that), which half-heartedly apes “Diva” the way “Diva” aped “A Milli” and doesn’t have much to recommend it beyond some nice seedy bathroom-stall choreography. (They pass each other toilet paper and flush with their feet — very sanitary.) We are not exactly in TLC territory here, but then again TLC never had a song called “We Fuck You,” as in “y’all don’t fuck us, we fuck you.” That one is probably not a joke.