Man Up! NYC-TV Exec Arrested In $60K Rip-Off


Why a nice looking fellow with such an obviously brilliant future like Trevor Scotland, a TV producer who served as chief operating officer for the city’s NYC-TV station since 2004, would want to scam the city out of a meager $60,000 is beyond us. But there it is:

Arrested today was Scotland, 38, and his alleged cohort, Vincent R. Taylor, owner of VRT Multimedia, Inc. The duo were charged in a case brought by the city’s Department of Investigation and Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office with diverting money paid by advertisers that should have gone to the city.

According to a complaint filed by Robert Ryan, criminal investigator for the U.S. Attorney’s office, Scotland and Taylor stole payments from more than half a dozen advertisers including Miller Brewing Co.,, and — our favorite —

Scotland was such a good producer and promoter (of himself as well as the station) that he got himself written up in the Daily News last year for shows like “Secrets of New York.” “We didn’t want to be just another public television station,” Scotland told the News. Well, he got that right.

Elsewhere,the hunky producer was profiled in Uptown magazine where he plugged his show “Man Up” — “designed to reveal things men want to accomplish before they’re 40.”

Here’s the money quote from that puffer: “I’ve always been curious about how things work and arrogant enough to think that I could make them work better.”

And here’s DOI commissioner Rose Gill Hearn who helped lock him up today:”These charges describe an avaricious scheme by two individuals to skim more than $60,000 in fees from a City-operated television station. Most troubling is that the COO, instead of protecting his station’s and the City’s interests, is charged with exploiting his executive position to line his own pockets.”

Hearn said that DOITT — the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications — is strengthening “internal controls.” Which sounds like a good idea.

Image from NYC-TV’s “Uptown” magazine.