L Magazine Names Their Annual “8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear”: This is a Very Good Thing, Now Quit Your Bitchin’


Today, L Magazine dropped their third-annual “8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear” issue. Cynicism is the knee-jerk response over in the Vegan greenhouse, which is bull: it’s a fairly noteworthy achievement that after two solid years of the internet press pillaging Todd Patrick’s shows for their own king-making purposes, turning our down-the-block practice spaces and firetrap loft haunts into national broadcast stations, New York’s favorite underdog pocket-stuffer can still find a handful of noteworthy acts that haven’t already been lionized as musical messiahs. Or perhaps the L‘s just getting better at sorting the crumbs from the coins in the sofa. “I’d heard most of the bands when the 2007 list came out, some on the 2008 and now just two of these,” zik 1:05 PM writes, “Either they’re getting better at this or I’m getting old.”

Still, applause are in order. For one, the L‘s “8 Bands” list is always born of local pride; for two, it’s hard out there for a me-first pimp. This year’s list even had to stick Woods, a consistently underappreciated Silent Barn staple, in an Honorable Mention slot because after a long period of second-banana status to, say, the Vivian Girls, now their label (the Woodsist roster) is the BNM minor leagues (because of one misspelled word: Wavves) and Woods are the shit. Whether this bandwagon monkeying is good or bad is neither here nor there–it’s definitely an excellent thing that so many more people will explore Woods, Pains of Being Pure at Heart (one of last year’s “8”), and the Dirty Projectors (not on an L Mag “8” list, but still), than would have two years ago. But what is good: the Beets, Anamanaguchi, and pow wow! The other five. . . guess we’ll have to buy a badge to the Northside Fest after all?

[L Magazine‘s “8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear“]