Andy Giuliani’s Golf Team Suit Rejected; Judge Cites Precedent, Caddyshack


You may remember that last September Andrew Giuliani, the famously ill-behaved son of our former Mayor, filed suit against Duke University for cutting him from the school golf team. Giuliani fils said he was entitled to his place on the team by “contract”; Duke said they cut him for cause (including “throwing an apple in the face of another player”).

The Smoking Gun reveals magistrate judge Wallace W. Dixon yesterday found against Giuliani, and reproduces his decision. It is a honey. The judge goes in shamelessly for golf metaphors: Giuliani “tees up his case,” but his analysis “slices far from the fairway,” and by changing his legal argument Giuliani is “trying to change clubs after hitting the golf ball.” He uses precedent law “as a putter,” while Giuliani “needs a sand wedge.” And his “promissory estoppel claim… brings to mind Carl Spackler’s analysis from the movie Caddyshack,” etc. The case is now expected to go before a U.S. District Court, and their endorsement of Dixon’s argument may be considered a gimme. Hey-oh!