Lawyer Says Monserrate Grand Jury Included Cop, Wants Charges Dropped


Hiram Monserrate, the state senator who allegedly celebrated his election by smacking his girlfriend with a glass, for which he is under indictment, has a new legal strategy: his lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, says a member of the grand jury that indicted Monserrate was a cop at the precinct that investigated the incident. This irregularity was pointed out to Monserrate’s legal team by “an officer, identified only as ‘Reefer,'” who testified before that jury, according to an affidavit by “one of Monserrate’s private investigators,” says the Daily News. (Private investigators?)

“First the judge wouldn’t allow the video tapes to be used,” says a commenter at Queens Crap, “then the girlfriend (insult to all women) won’t testify against him and now the prosecutors allowed an officer to be on the jury. come on this is all bull shit.”

Monserrate is a former police officer, in which capacity he filed for disability in 1999 on the grounds of “adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder,” and had his guns seized by the force.