“Brooklyn D.I.Y. Festival” Hillstock Takes Place This Weekend, With Screaming Females, the Eskalators, and Air Waves


Finally pulling out the bullhorn on this weekend’s permit-less backyard-and-rooftop festival, Hillstock, after initial concern for blowing up the event’s spot. But, by now, you’re either going or you’re not. Organized by Food’lebrity frankfurter Alex Billig and his Eskalators’ bandmate Eric Williams, along with the advisorial guidance of Sleep When Dead’s Joe Ahearn, the three-day “Brooklyn D.I.Y. Festival” begins tonight, features 40 acts, and will take place in three different spaces. Respectively, they are Shea Stadium (the just-opened Bushwick recording studio, not the place you go to buy Alyssa Milano’s clothing line), a backyard Brooklyn barbecue, and a G-Classon-stop rooftop. Probably the most recognizable name here is Screaming Females, who went from throttling Jersey basements to being asked to open up for Jack White’s Dead Weather in the span of three months. (As Billig prophesizes via e-mail, “I don’t see them playing these DIY shows much longer.”) Other personal picks include the furious hardcore stylings of the possibly-soon-dissolving No Courage (tonight), Bomb the Music Industry! (Saturday)–whose schtick is apparently “bombing” their shows in full, hilariously spectacular disarray–and smirkingly wry singer-songwriter Don Lennon, a poker-faced, esoteric-culture-gobbling Jonathan Richman. Lastly, don’t be fooled by the sloppy Fort-Greene bloggers at the Times: of course fucking Jimi Hendrix will be there. Full schedule is here, don’t be a dick and get the cops to come, thank you.