Want to See J. Mascis Do a Kickflip?


Continuing their streak of awesomely, defiantly old-school gestures, Dinosaur Jr. chose to make the video to “I’m Over It” an homage to skateboarding and BMX biking: J. and Murph and Lou cruising around town, Mascis on a skateboard, his rhythm section on bikes. 90% of the tricks here are pretty obviously executed by much younger pros in somewhat convincing gray wigs and the like, but there are a couple priceless moments–say, at 1:27, when Mascis awkwardly cruises into the frame and promptly sits/falls down on a concrete bench–when the band members are very much at the controls. No idea why they couldn’t get the stunt doubles a few crispy pairs of Dino Jr. dunks–this is sort of what they were made for, right? Anyway, also involved: fistbumps, classic skate-video wipe-outs, purple Livestrong bracelets, angry cops, and a spectacular song–“I’m Over It” is probably the most classically throw-back Dinosaur track on their upcoming Farm, give or take an “I Want You to Know.” [via Pitchfork TV]