GOP Senator’s Sex Scandal Brings Us Back to the Glory Days of 2006


It’s been a lousy day, so let’s savor the old-fashioned pleasure of a Republican sex scandal. Senator John Ensign of Nevada (pictured, left) deeply regrets and is very sorry for nailing a campaign coworker an unspecified number of times between December 2007 and August 2008. Both the campaign worker and Ensign are married. Adding to the pleasure is Ensign’s tendency to call for other politicians who have been thus disgraced to resign, especially if they are Democrats or homosexuals. (D.C.’s City Paper has issued a “Schadenfreude Alert.”) Politico banners “sources say blackmail involved,” but we think they’re just trying to gild the lily. You can’t get greedy with these things. In fact, we think we’ll just walk away, and drop back later to see how the rightbloggers are taking it. We’re hoping for a “No true conservative” defense. [Whistling, heads down dirt path toward setting sun]