Is Black Really Better?


Even positive stereotypes are still stereotypes, and one of the oldest ones in creation–often patronizingly used by white folk–is that black dick is the best shit on earth. It’s supposedly bigger, hotter, livelier, and more do-able than any other appendage on the planet, even more welcome than a stick shift on a free Oprah giveaway car.

But is it true? Is a black penis by necessity more alluring than a pasty white wee-wee? And if it isn’t, doesn’t the forced expectation result in shrieks of disappointment every time an African American man undresses?

Someone please open up your trap and tell me the real deal on this culinary subject. I’ve never sampled such a thing–I mean let’s pretend I’ve never sampled such a thing–and I’m anxious to hear your views on whether dark chocolate is always tastier than the white stuff. And what about Asians?