Morgenthau to Endorse Cy Vance Jr. for D.A. Today


As we’ve mentioned, the Manhattan D.A.’s race has gone into full swing, and the Democratic candidates have been busy gathering endorsements. Leslie Crocker Snyder recently netted former Mayor Ed Koch, among others; Cy Vance, Jr. got former Mayor Dinkins, and recently drew out political retiree Caroline Kennedy for a nod. Richard Aborn has a large crop of assemblymembers, councimembers, state senators, and others, recently ornamented by Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who approves his tough anti-gun stance.

But Vance has been pocketing an ace, and today, we are told, he will finally play it: the nine-term current D.A. Robert Morgenthau is expected to endorse him. Some people think that the New York State Bar Association’s rules prohibit a sitting D.A. from making such an endorsement, but apparently Morgenthau thinks it’s OK, and who’s going to argue with him?