Questlove on Vibe: “I Was Proud of It Actually”


The thoroughly disquieting news of Vibe‘s demise this afternoon has thoroughly disquieted a few folks who aren’t rock critics — Questlove, for one, who’s venting/reminiscing via his voluminous Twitter, offering a long, thoughtful eulogy/lament via a program called Twitlonger (“Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough”), which might as well have been invented for him. It’s revelatory both for his historical perspective on Vibe (“i remember reading the prince issue of 1994”) and how closely he scrutinizes music journalism (and individual journalists) in general. To wit:

ask any publicist i ever had….sheeeit ask those SAME journalists that are in my tweet network. i studied the history, the taste, the education, the likes, the dislikes, of EVERY journalist i have ever come across.


“ok ahmir dadadadadada is coming to do a story on you guys next wed. cool?”

i be on it.

Now there’s one fewer publication — and most probably many fewer writers — to keep tabs on, is his point. And as he points out in a subsequent dispatch, “if a brandy/lil jon/ciarra/neyo/fab/rkelly/dream/dipset all the rest drop an album in the forrest…who is gonna hear it?”