Council Candidate Cabrera, Challenged on Residency, Defends Himself with Leftovers, Toothpaste Stains


There’s been a longstanding complaint that rogue state senator Pedro Espada Jr. doesn’t really live in the Bronx, which he was elected to represent, but in Mamaroneck; Espada gave Daily News reporters a tour of his Bronx address, showing off family photos as proof of his residency, which they didn’t seem to find convincing.

Now another putative Bronx resident, Fernando Cabrera, who is running for Maria Baez’s city council seat, is being challenged on similar grounds, and he has likewise held an open house for reporters, in this instance from the Bronx News Network. But BNN finds Cabrera’s show more convincing…

“Inside the ice box are leftovers in Tupperware and bags of frozen tamales made by his Mexican wife,” they report from his Sedgwick Avenue address. Also, “Toothpaste stains on the mirror, a son’s bruised drum kit and a baby crib, which Cabrera said is used for visits from his grandson, were all evidence in his favor.” Cabrera is pictured in their article with a dispositive coffeemaker and ice cube tray.

Cabrera, who is a pastor at the New Life Ministries Church, enjoys the support of new Bronx Democratic leader Carl Heastie — whom Baez actively tried to keep out of the leadership — and from the Working Families Party in his quest for Baez’ office. Baez, who has the worst attendance record on the city council, attributes the resistance to prejudice against female elected officials.