Bleecker Street No Longer ’60s Music Mecca


In a confusingly timed Observer piece, an innocent sounding tour-guide walking up Bleecker Street–“Think Jimi Hendrix, think Bob Dylan,” he says to his tourist flock–is used as the pivot point to suggest no, in fact, Bleecker Street is primarily a retail strip populated mostly by Ralph Lauren and Intermix stores. “‘Think Marc Jacobs,’ seems far more accurate today,” writes the Observer. This is likely just a matter of an unfortunate lede appended to a piece otherwise about rents (which are still high, even in a recession!) for retail on the historic strip, as surely no one expects to see, say, young Bob Dylan, or Jimi Hendrix, who is dead, walking Bleecker. Also, Sex in the City. But one caveat to this otherwise doleful piece about the death of music culture in Manhattan (which, again, we’re just saying, could probably be written about every single block in this city below 14th Street): we know for a fact that Bleecker Street is where Russell Simmons buys the colorful sweaters he wears so charmingly to various music-related events. We even got kicked out of a Ralph Lauren once to make way for him! So while the ’60s may be dead, my friends, the age of ’80s rap moguls in the West Village may just be beginning. And we’d be happy to put 500 words behind that–for a minimal fee, of course. Also available: a hard-hitting story about the impending demise of CBGBs and nefarious plans of a heretofore unknown clothing designer named John Varvatos.

From Hendrix to Intermix: Bleecker Retail Exits the ’60s [Observer, h/t Daily Swarm]