Freak Show Man Will Sue Over Puppy’s Amputated Fifth Leg; Demands Reattachment


The amputation of that five-legged puppy’s fifth leg has not ended her usefulness to Coney freak show manager John Strong, who says he had a deal to buy and exhibit the monstrosity but saw his dream crumble when a nice lady bought the puppy instead, named it Lily, and had a vet remove the extraneous appendage. Via amNY, Strong announces that he not only plans to sue for damages, but also demands that the amputated limb be frozen so that he can reattach it. Strong asserted his case from within his freak show, where he was also cheerfully profiled by the Times and shown with a miniature horse. There is a development angle to this: Strong’s freak show is part of the ragtag consortium of entertainments with which developer Joe Sitt has blessed Coney since tearing down large swaths of it, to the consternation of preservationists. No word yet as to the fate of the puppy’s fifth leg, which according to the Gaston (NC) Gazette “hung loosely between her two hind legs, and dragged on the ground” when it was attached to Lily.