Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur Blasts NY Mag Story as “Totally Weird,” Denies Working at Urban Outfitters


Here we have a brief “as told to” interview/profile with Dustin Payseur, a/k/a woodsy Brooklyn pop upstart Beach Fossils, describing his migration here from North Carolina, his brief tenure at Urban Outfitters (“though I’d rather people not know that”), and the label interest he inspired from Woodsist and Captured Tracks right when he was contemplating moving back home. In a familiar NY troupe, it’s structured as a (very brief) oral history, the quotes cherry-picked from a much longer conversation. This is the point a somewhat unnerved Dustin himself now seems to be making in the comments:

This isn’t in any way a direct quote. It’s a summary of an interview I did, not even in my own words. I wasn’t working at Urban Outfitters, sick of my job, or making minimum wage when I moved to Bushwick (and why they would mention my job after I asked them not to is another story). I don’t think the warehouse areas are “creepy” and this article is totally weird, I don’t even speak like that…

– Dustin Payseur

Welcome to the, uh, big time, Dustin. (Though it’s worth noting that the Condensed Interview is a time-honored and generally legit conceit, and if you’re an underground Brooklyn ingenue and you say the words “Urban Outfitters,” your interviewer’s eyebrows will rise in such a way that it’s pretty difficult to lower them again.)

In other news, we had already forgotten what a tremendous jam “Daydream” is.