Our Money Is Pretty Firmly on Jim Jones’s Squad in This Converse Band of Ballers Thing


OK, let’s give this a shot–on Wednesday, at an undisclosed NYC location, presumably an undisclosed basketball location, there will be a three-on-three tournament in which it seems probable that these acts over here on the left will actually participate, like they’ll play, using basketballs, and Jim Jones will dunk on Asher Roth, and then Diplo will cross Matt & Kim up. The Mad Decent squad will apparently also contain most of POPO and Philly promoter extraordinaire Sean Agnew; no word yet on who Fool’s Gold will be suiting up. Of all the strange and bizarre corporate sell-out gigs and Diesel Jeans secret pregnant M.I.A. shows and ultra-sponsored Fader Forts and Rachel Ray SXSW showcases and all the other things dreamed up by the downy well-plaided elves who work in the marketing departments of places like Converse, this has the potential to be the best one ever that didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to make happen. Anyway, email Mad Decent to find out where the thing is. Or just zero in on that bewildered sound you’ll hear echoing around Manhattan come Wednesday at noon.

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