Mets Legend Jerry Koosman Turns Tax Truther, Gets 6 Months for Evasion


The Mets are having such a bad year, their rotten luck has trickled down to ex-Mets as well. In July Lenny Dykstra declared bankruptcy, and now Jerry Koosman, hero of the 1969 Miracle Mets, has been sentenced to six months in prison for tax evasion. Koosman failed to pay taxes for three years because he had become a Tax Truther and decided that the relevant laws really meant only “federal employees, corporate workers and District of Columbia residents” had to pay taxes, not ex-ballplayers.

Koosman, who now resembles a cross between Jack Klugman and Bob Elliot, later saw the error, or at least the unsustainability, of his ways and got around to paying those taxes, but not entirely, and still owes the U.S. Government $65,000. (During the period in question Koosman made about a quarter-million a year.)

Koosman also reveals that in the 1990s he sold the game ball from the last game of the 1969 World Series, but he doesn’t remember who bought it.