Guy Who Dragged Drunk Woman From Marquee and Raped Her Gets 3 ½ Years


Luis Zambrano, 39, maintained his innocence when he was first charged with raping a woman he picked up in a club. Maybe he didn’t think they had surveillance cameras in such places. But Chelsea’s Marquee does indeed have cameras, and they caught Zambrano fondling an obviously incapacitated woman on a couch and then dragging her out of the club, from whence he took her to his apartment, conveniently located a few blocks away. The woman said she awakened to find Zambrano, whom she did not remember meeting, fucking her. With the DNA he left on his victim, police were able to match Zambrano to another woman who claimed to have been similarly dragged from the club and raped. Zambrano meanwhile thought better of his plea and today pleaded guilty, receiving three-and-a-half years for his crimes.

The Marquee is also the club from which Laura Garza disappeared in December; she has not been seen since.