Tony Yayo’s Assault on a 14-Year-Old Kid May Have Gotten Someone Killed


Tony Yayo aficionados may remember the charges the artist briefly faced in the spring of 2007 for assault–on a 14-year-old child. The kid, James Rosemond, had the bad luck of being the son of Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, the head of Czar Entertainment, which at the time repped G-Unit rival the Game. Yayo, ever loyal soldier, happened to spot him, and at the behest of the man for whom he carries weed, 50 Cent, proceeded to slap the younger Rosemond. Allegedly, anyway. Here’s how the Post delighted in telling the tale at the time:

    Yayo and 50 were coming out of their Violator Records office at 36 W. 25th St. at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday when they accosted the boy.

When the thugs asked him how old he was and James said, 14, Yayo responded, “I don’t give a f*** how old you are – F*** Czar Entertainment!” then backhanded him across the face so that his head hit the wall, sources said.

That’s right up there with the bucket hats in the Yayo pantheon. Anyway, in the complicated web of weed carriers and sub-weed carriers, Yayo happened to have his own lackey with him, Lowell Fletcher, a/k/a Lodi Mack. It’s Fletcher who (allegedly) flashed a gun at the already terrified kid while Yayo hit the defenseless child, just to make sure Rosemond didn’t happen to decide fight back. And it was Fletcher who ended up taking the charge, telling a judge that it was he, not Yayo, who swung on the child. For that, and an unrelated drug rap, he went to jail, and only just made parole in mid-September.

At which point he was promptly gunned down. According to the Daily News:

    Cops investigating the murder of a Bronx man are looking back at a 2007 assault case in which he took the rap for one of 50 Cent’s sidekicks.

Lowell Fletcher, 32, was killed on Jerome Ave. Sept. 27, just two weeks after making parole, and cops are looking to the rap world for a possible motive.

Fletcher, who used the rap name Lodi Mack, was employed by G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo, who was busted two years ago for smacking the 14-year-old son of rival music producer Jimmy (Henchman) Rosemond of Czar Entertainment.

The suggestion being, quite reasonably, that the killing was in reprisal. It appeared to be an ambush undertaken by several men, according to police. Of course, as another source told the paper: “On Jerome Ave., it could be lots of reasons – or no reason.” Maybe, but karma can be a real bitch once you get into the child intimidation business. Yayo might want to avoid any roller coasters, Nascar raceways, dark allies, and any other Final Destination-type spots for the time being. Karma doesn’t give a fuck how old you are.

Cops probing 50 Cent’s G-Unit, rivals: 2007 assault case may hold slay link [NYDN]