A Message From Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono, widow of the best Beatle, John Lennon, and legendary shriek-singer of “Walking on Thin Ice,” is still radiating positivity after all these years.

I’ll never forget when, ages ago, I reviewed one of Yoko’s albums and said the only good thing about it was the gurgling sound provided by her then-baby son, Sean, on one track. She promptly telegrammed me, “Thank you for the nice review of Sean!”

Well, Yoko has all new upbeat wisdoms to share. On her Facebook wall, she says, “The human race is still in its embryonic stage. We will be born, look around & start communicating with other planets in many Universes.”

I hope she’s right. I can’t wait to make Facebook friends with people from Mars and start texting Uranus!