This Is It Sold $20.1 Million in Tickets Yesterday


That is, if you include the $2.2 million it made the day before, via various advanced screenings. (The breakdown went $7.2 domestic, and $12.7 internationally.) But the number to keep an eye on? $60 mill, the amount Sony paid AIG for the footage and the rights to it. They appear, to these naive eyes, very likely to recoup, although the mind reels at what Sony must have shelled out in promotional costs. According to the Times‘ Brooks Barnes, these numbers are actually a disappointment: “A $20.1 million weekday total is certainly impressive — the studio noted that the North American gross was the highest for a Wednesday in October — but it isn’t the immediate smash many predicted.” Sony goes on to cite “surprisingly upbeat reviews” as a reason to be hopeful about word of mouth and even better weekend ticket sales; ours was not one of those reviews.