Bidding Sonic’s Founder Adieu; Top 100 Things Waiters Should Never Do


Troy Smith, founder of the drive-in burger chain Sonic, died Oct. 26 at age 87. The first Sonic was located in a 24-bay parking lot in 1959, serving root beer, burgers, and onion rings, and marrying intercom ordering with rollerskating.
[Wall Street Journal]

The top 100 things restaurant workers should never do include never making a singleton feel bad by asking if he or she is waiting for someone; never joking, flirting, or being cute; and never interrupting a conversation, especially to recite specials.
[NY Times]

Apparently, the reason McDonald’s is pulling out if Iceland has nothing to do with the economic crisis there. It’s because of stiff competition from Hamborgarabullan and other great burger joints in Reykjavik, which simply serve far superior burgers.
[Iceland Review]

A new study suggests that eating a bit more fiber can help trim the waistline. Latino teens who increased their fiber intake over a two-year period had significant decreases in belly fat, while young people whose fiber intake fell got thicker around the middle.