Mayor Funds de Blasio, Defends Gay Cab Duo; Is Snubbed By Liu, Who’s Attacked by Koch


Despite winning his third term, Mayor Bloomberg is still giving away money, offering an extra $850,000 to incoming Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to supplement his tiny budget, which had been cut by more than half by the Mayor and his city council allies last year.

The Mayor photogenically met with de Blasio in the window of a restaurant, but incoming Comptroller John Liu blew him off, earning Liu a rebuke from former Mayor Ed Koch, who called the non-meeting “outrageous” and said, “I don’t know if there is any way [Liu] can be held accountable except for the public to denounce him”…

No evidence of a groundswell for this yet, but Norm Scott says, “Watch the attacks on Liu start real soon. Anthony Weiner caved at the first hints of a Bloomberg assault. Liu will not be such an easy mark.”

Post-politicking aside, the Mayor has returned to matters of civic importance, expressing disappointment that less than a quarter of city schoolchildren’s parents gave consent for their kids to be vaccinated against swine flu, asking for patience on proposed MTA reforms (“We, however, won’t patient,” rejoins the Neighborhood Retail Alliance; “in fact, we simply can’t wait until, one after one, these extravagant campaign promises fall by the wayside…”), and defending the two guys who were cuddling against the driver who threw them out of his cab. “I don’t know the facts,” he admitted, “or what the cabdriver said. I’m just telling you that a cabdriver shouldn’t worry about the orientation of the people that get in the taxi cab.”