Roberta’s Brooklyn Grange Farms Will Sell to Both Restaurants and the Public


Roberta’s already has a rooftop garden whose produce it incorporates into its delectable pizzas, but its owners have turned an eye to greener pastures: They’ve just announced plans for Brooklyn Grange Farms, a one-acre rooftop farm they plan to open sometime in the spring. They’ll be throwing a benefit party tomorrow night, complete with music, dancers, and a stripper pole.

Gwen Schantz, who is one of Brooklyn Grange’s farmers, says that they’re currently scouting sites mostly in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, and plan to start planting seeds next April. Rooftop Farms‘s Ben Flanner has been enlisted as Brooklyn Grange’s head farmer; thanks in part to his connections, the plan is to sell produce to restaurants in addition to Roberta’s. “We’ve had a lot of restaurant interest,” Schantz says. But home cooks will be able to benefit, too, she adds: “We’re going to sell retail at the farm, like a farmers market. That’s the way we’re hoping to achieve financial stability, cutting out the middleman.”

So what’s up with the stripper pole at tomorrow’s party? “Since it’s Friday the 13th, we decided to go in a slasher-burlesque direction,” Schantz says with a laugh. “We’ll have music and dancers who will be performing, not as strippers, though. We don’t want to scare anyone away.”