Under the Toque: Sam Mason Out at Tailor; Ryan Skeen Pissed at Allen & Delancey, New York


Sam Mason posted his official farewell on eGullet earlier this week, saying: “it’s no surprise for me to say that I am no longer a part of Tailor restaurant. I left about 3 months ago… I am currently working hard on my T.V. series, and by no means plan on it being my only creative outlet. I do plan to start a new venture soon.”

Apparently blowing off some steam, Ryan Skeen said on Twitter that he: “always believed that when they take the love out of it [you] have to stop, I just cant find the love in my food at A&D anymore, maybe NYC.” He later added: “[G]et me the fuck out of NYC I cant do it anymore.”
[Grub Street]

Anthony Bourdain was spotted with Frank Bruni shooting an episode of No Reservations at DBGB. Daniel Boulud was also reportedly at the table, where the three enjoyed a tasting of all the sausages offered on the menu.

Chef Govind Armstrong and his partner Josh Woodward are rumored to be trying to pull out of Table 8 — or at least the Table 8 space. Scott Conant may be the chef enlisted to take over the space, perhaps for a Scarpetta outpost or maybe some other venture.