Tonight: The WFMU Fall Marathon (Which Seems Pretty Urgent, Frankly)


Here is your terrifying press release of the day, courtesy of beloved local radio station WFMU, which we do not want to fail: “At WFMU we’ve always prided ourselves on being able to support ourselves on one pledge drive a year, plus whatever we can scrape together by selling roses outside the Holland Tunnel.But that was before the great recession. Before we fell over $100,000 short of our goal during our March fundraiser. Before we lost our lease on our main transmitter site and set out to put an antenna in midtown Manhattan.” Hence, an off-season benefit, kicking off tonight at 7pm.

This is supposedly only the third time in the station’s entire 51-year run in which they’re fundraising outside of that annual March window. Once, we made WFMU Music Director Brian Turner think we had no idea who Faust were, which was pretty funny; another time we got Tom Scharpling to briefly consider quitting the station. Consider our endorsement of tonight’s marathon — which runs for 24 hours starting tonight at 7pm, and is sure to contain shenanigans from both men and a host of others — atonement for both of those things. That and the money we’re going to give.