The Burgeoning Ditmas Park Restaurant Scene is Still No Place for a Vegan


Ditmas Park may be home to a growing number of restaurants, but its animal product-free options are apparently still lacking: the blog Flatbush Vegan has suspended operation because its authors, though still vegan, have moved out of Flatbush. Why ever would a vegan leave the neighborhood?

“Ditmas Park is often lauded for its emerging food scene and variety of options,” the authors write. “But a hummus place that serves meat hummus, a Tibetan restaurant best known for its meat momos and a French restaurant which, true to French-food-form, is heavy on the meat, cream and butter, hold no appeal for a couple of vegans. Even Picket Fence was unavailable to us because their veggie burger is not vegan.”

The authors have forsaken Flatbush for Manhattan, where they’ve found gastronomic paradise in the form of “Mexican restaurants that offer seitan, tofu sour cream and soy cheese.”

[Via Ditmas Park Blog]

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