Jerry Lewis’s Daughter Is Related To Rachel Uchitel!


This one gets complex, so bear with me, kids.

Susan Lewis says she’s the out-of-wedlock daughter of comic Jerry Lewis, and an Inside Edition-conducted DNA test determined it’s quite likely she is (though Jerry doesn’t want to address the subject and he certainly doesn’t want to throw money her way. In his mind, the term “Jerry’s kids” doesn’t include Susan.)

Well, Susan tells me she has yet another interesting relation.

Rachel Uchitel is my cousin,” she said into my voicemail, referring to the first of Tiger Woods‘s gals to be spotlighted by the press.

“I’ve been trying to reach Rachel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred,” continued Susan, “and I’m having a hard time getting through to her, even though I tell them who I am.

“I haven’t been in contact with Rachel since she was a baby because I lived in France for years.

“But I’d like to try to help in some way and see if she could help me.”

Hey, lady! Give her a call?

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