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Bomb Scare Evacuates Brooklyn Courthouse, Proving All Trials Should Be Held Somewhere Else


A backpack found at U.S. District Court in downtown Brooklyn, and revealed by X-rays to contain a laptop with wires sticking out of it, caused the evacuation of the courthouse yesterday. After about an hour the evacuation was reversed.

Local officials and activists declared that this is further proof that New York is not equipped to handle criminal trials of any kind, and that President Obama should move them elsewhere, possibly Gitmo.

Just kidding! The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the New York location of the KSM terror trial is implicated in this incident by the New York Times, which says the scare “appeared to give momentum to groups trying to have the trial moved out of the city.” We think it gives momentum to the urine that floods the pants of professional whiners who think the appropriate response to terror is to be terrorized.

Update: The pants-pissing has its humorous advantages: Whoever imagined the New York Post would attack New York’s own politicians with the example of… Dianne Feinstein?



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