Professor Fired for Disgruntled Posts on Facebook


Thinking bad thoughts about work this morning? Don’t put it on your Facebook news feed. Last week Gloria Gadsden, an associate professor at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania who had been telling her FB followers stuff like “Does anyone know where I can find a very discrete hitman? Yes, it’s been that kind of day,” was put on indefinite paid leave when the school found out about it.

Gadsden says her superiors cited the Amy Bishop mass murder as cause for overcaution, though they had nothing on her but the posts. “One [posting] said she was ‘ROFL,'” helpfully adds the Pocono Record, “shorthand for ‘rolling on the floor laughing.'”

ABC News finds other cases of people who got fired for their Facebook posts, including Dan Leone, a Philadelphia Eagles west gate chief who was canned for using an unnamed obscenity in his post about a player trade.

It gets harder to find work all the time, so naturally more people are sick of their jobs than ever. Most companies have some kind of reporting system in place by which you can “share” your job dissatisfactions with your supervisors, but if word gets back to them through Facebook that you’re dissatisfied, you can get fired. Somehow we don’t think this was what Samuel Gompers had in mind, but Orwell might have had a clue.