Iron John Meets Iron Chef in a New Cooking Magazine for Guys


Taking a page from the Germans, the good folks at Hoffman Media have decided that men need their very own cooking rag. And so the company has birthed Deen Bros. Good Cooking, a quarterly publication that seems less a magazine than the hairy love child of Iron John and Iron Chef. Media Week reports that the publication will star Jamie and Bobby Deen, who are more widely recognized as the strapping spawn of Paula.

But wait, there’s more! The Readers Digest Association is also getting in on the act with, a website dedicated to the XY set. It contains more than 2,500 recipes that ares searchable by terms like “beer,” “bacon,” and “burger.” Strangely enough, “cupcake” yields zero results, though “muscle” yields a Muscle Man Smoothie and, interestingly, “mom” turns up 32 recipes, including Geoff’s Mom’s Lemon Bread. Aw.

Niche marketing, in other words, is not dead. It just smells like cheesy bacony beer bread.

[Via Grub Street]

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