Brooklyn’s Finest: March 9th is for Biggie, New York’s Notorious Legend


Rapper Canibus said it best: “The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th,” which was 13 years ago today, after Christopher Wallace was killed in L.A. Here’s how he’s being remembered:

  • MTV did a pretty thorough summary of how Biggie’s murder was never solved, asking if it ever will be. The outlook isn’t great. Voletta Wallace’s wrongful-death lawsuit against the LAPD is still pending, after the first case was declared a mistrial. When asked for a statement on the case, the LAPD and the FBI — both of whom have handled the case — naturally refused comment. [MTV]


  • Prefix Magazine launched a new feature of illustrations based on famous moments in music with a tribute to The Late Great Rapper. [Prefix]


  • Sean “Diddy” Combs, ever the champion of Wallace, is throwing his first party tonight in Brooklyn to celebrate the Bed Stuy-bred rapper. Trivia: Combs is from Harlem, which (kinda) explains why he’s never held a shindig in memory of B.I.G. — who hailed from Brooklyn — in Kings County. It also sadly explains Mase. He’s also been using Twitter to stream out a bunch of old B.I.G. content. [MTV, Twitter]


  • Via our own Zach Baron, Jay-Z as Biggie’s hype-man:


  • Speaking of Twitter, an “#RIPBIG” hashtag has taken off and been trending for the last few hours. [Trendistic]


  • Another tribute tonight is noted by the New York Times‘ Clinton Hill blog: the Spelman College Glee Club, free, tonight. They also note that Biggie grew up in Clinton Hill. Sure. Tell that to Bed Stuy. [The Local]


  • Jay Leno celebrated early last night with an incredibly dumb joke involving Jay-Z, Beyonce, the White House, and Biggie. Maybe he forgot to mark his calendar. [LaughLines]


  • Notorious, last year’s B.I.G. biopic, didn’t get recognized by any of this year’s prominent film awards. Doesn’t mean the critics didn’t like it. Roger Ebert — whose recent Esquire profile has made him moviegoers cause celebre — gave it 3.5/4 stars. Armond White — the New York Press film critic and New York Film Critics Circle chairman who Roger Ebert once called a “troll” — hated it. Naturally. [Chicago Sun-Times and NY Press]


  • Finally, the classic “Juicy” video, just because:

March 9th has yet to become a bank holiday.