Announcing “Rites Of Spring,” a DJ Benefit for Haiti Featuring Alex Ross, Björk, the Dirty Projector’s Dave Longstreth, Tyondai Braxton, and Brandon Stosuy


Earlier this morning, the New Yorker‘s Alex Ross posted the Seldon Hunt-designed flyer for “Rites of Spring,” the May 2nd benefit for Haiti organized by SOTC buddy Brandon Stosuy, and featuring Björk, the Dirty Projector’s Dave Longstreth, and Battles’s Tyondai Braxton in the humble confines of Bushwick’s Above the Autoparts Store. As Ross writes, “don’t be surprised if you hear some combination of Thai soul, doom metal, Justin Bieber, and, of course, nude Stravinsky”–a fair description, come to think of it, of the Housing Works Dirty Projectors benefit afterparty Björk, Longstreth, and Stosuy DJ’d last summer. Or of the session in the bookstore Ross, Stosuy, and Björk soundtracked last spring. Word is this one will entail lots of bonkers multiple DJ overlapping and awkward dancing. Follow Brandon on Twitter for details; it’s a benefit, but tickets are cheap–just $15. Meanwhile, $1000 says that Stosuy will play R. Kelly at least five times, which is sort of worth the price of admission all on its own.