Twin Sister Talk the Inspiration Behind Color Your Life’s “All Around And Away We Go”


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Long Island occult-pop five-piece Twin Sister have all the colorful makings of being the next weirdo art-swirl cult smash–that cold-yet-comforting croon, those wet washes of creepy reverb and drone, an inherent tweeness, and lyrics that kind of make sense but kind of don’t. We’ve already expressed our love and the L Magazine named them one of their 8 Bands To Watch, but the proof is in the music, a dreamy smear that’s more Kate Bush than chillwave. They just dropped their second digital EP, the swell, 6-song Color Your Life, available for free on their website for less than a week. The lively “All Around And Away We Go” is probably band’s best bet for Feist-ian omnipresence in 2010, a cartoonish bounce that is somewhere between Bat For Lashes and ABBA.

Twin Sister on “All Around And Away We Go”

What is this song about?

Andrea Estella, vocals: It’s whatever you want it to be about. It was inspired by poor Anime translations.
Eric Cardona, guitar: Andrea has a knack for finding old anime intros, like shows from the ’70’s and ’80s. And the songs are so cool!

What’s the story behind the title of your new EP, Color Your Life?

Cardona: Sometimes the back-up vocals in “I Want A House” sounded like “color your life” rather than the actual lyric, “color you like,” and we liked the way that sounded.

How did you make the cool drone at the end?

Udbhav Gupta, keyboards: We like to re-amp the stuff we record. Basically, we take something like vocals, put it through some effects and a guitar amp and then record it back in. We did that with the vocals at the beginning and end of the song. The reverb was way up, so that when the song ended the vocals ended up turning into the drone you hear. We twiddled with the knobs until it died out and faded it into the beginning of Galaxy Plateau.

Tell me about that photoshoot for the L Magazine cover.

Cardona: It was the last thing we did before our tour. It was a good time. They had bagels and an open bar. We all got pretty silly with the photographers. One of Andrea’s photos is a nice “fuck you” that looks pretty serious.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in New York?

Estella: I liked Cameo’s with Toro y Moi. I just started getting into him when I found out we were playing together, so I was hopping like a pogo stick through our whole set.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Long Island?

Either Mizu Japanese Cuisine in Bayport or Mexican Grill 2000 in Medford.

Twin Sister play the Bowery Ballroom Friday, April 9 with Xiu Xiu, Tune-Yards and Zola Jesus.

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