Does Scott Baio Have More Class in His Piss than All of Jezebel’s “Lesbian Shitasses”?


Scott Baio likes to tweet things like “People who are pro-choice should ‘thank’ their mother for being pro-life,” and “Taxes are done. That should feed, house, and provide medical for quite a few lazy non working people at my expense.” In return for his insight, he’s received so many livid replies and death threats from his Twitter followers that he felt the need to contact the FBI.

Alas, rather than learning to keep his self-proclaimed “very very rich” mouth shut, Chachi decided to go at it with the haters, namely girly gossip site Jezebel, which outed him for his public deluge of douchebaggery. Baio, of course, fired back, calling Jezebel a “web rag” and berating them for not mentioning his charity work in addition to his crazed quazi-political messages. Buzzfeed even posted a nasty Direct Message from Baio to an account he had previously blocked, in which he informs what appears to be a pink-haired teenage girl that all he cares about is “family and golf,” and Twitter and Facebook…

Most recently, and perhaps best of all, Baio’s wife Renee decided to get in on the anti-Jezebel action, posting two messages on her Facebook wall in which she called the site’s proprietors a bunch of “lesbian shitasses,” described their actions as pure, unrelenting “cuntness,” and declared, “Scott Baio has more class in his piss than all of you all!!!”

Her latest post, after a series of not really apologetic, “I have lesbian friends”-style responses, includes the news that she and Scott have contacted the Attorney General of something to alert him of the illegal (?) nastiness they’ve encountered. What cuntness.