Ramp Madness Continues: Behold, the Pickled Ramp Martini at Roman’s


Of course, you never know what you’re going to find on the menu at Roman’s in Fort Greene, which is both part of its charm and a little disheartening. On a recent night, the market-driven menu featured — what else? — ramps, ramps, and more ramps.

There was a small plate of delicately roasted ramps served with toasted bread and fresh ricotta. Then, a second course of tagliatelle slicked with butter and ramps was quickly slurped up. But the star of the table’s show was surely a Pickled Ramp Martini ($10), served up. The drink was more reminiscent of a Gibson, which is essentially a martini with a pickled onion. The ramp made for a more savory, delicate version of the drink; the brine not too vinegary. We perceived a slight dirtiness there, which in martini terms may be taboo. But in this case, was right as rain.

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