NY Artist Justin Lowe Recreates the Infamous CBGB Bathroom in. . . Connecticut


Artist Justin Lowe is recreating CBGB’s storied–and legendarily foul–bathroom as a full-scale installation at the Wadsworth Atheneum. If you’ve never heard of this particular venue, it’s probably because it is located in our bad-ass neighbor to the Northeast, the punk-rock hotbed of Hartford, Connecticut. Why Connecticut, you ask? Lowe tells the Wall Street Journal that he chose the Atheneum because he felt the piece was tied to the museum’s surrealist history (Dali used to hang out there).

Lowe’s plans for the bathroom recreation–which is just a quarter of the the New-York artist’s four-gallery exhibition, intriguingly “Werewolf Karaoke”–include collages of movie stars, vintage books, and insect imagery, rendered in Day-Glo paint. Lowe was also responsible, with the help of collaborator Jonah Freeman, for last summer’s Deitch Projects’ faux-meth-lab “Black Acid Co-op.” That show, described by our critic as a “snaking squat from hell,” came complete with smashed-in walls and pseudoephedrine boxes, so Lowe can probably get a handle on three decades of dried vomit and band stickers. The show opens on June
 3rd and runs through September 5th, after which it will probably be
 turned into a John Varvatos boutique. Happy birthday, Joey Ramone!

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