Bros Icing Bros: The Documentary


Have you heard of the cultural phenomenon known as Bros Icing Bros? It’s a lived-in game encouraging binge drinking by way of urban terrorism, in which people are forcing each other to drink The Worst Malt Liquor Beverage on the Planet, Smirnoff Ice. And now there’s a film documenting the madness.

The young man behind this is Joshua Heller, who characterized his film Bros Icing Bros: A How-To Documentary as a “verité style documentary” in which Heller sets out to see who among his fellow “Bros” in Los Angeles, California are ‘down’ with Icing. Given that most of America’s Bros Icing Bros coverage has been concentrated on the Eastern Seaboard, it proves a fascinating look at a trend some have yet to discover, as well as a provocative sample of how things work differently in California (as opposed to New York, where the phenomenon has already been documented extensively). Observe:

Elsewhere in Bros Icing Bros news, we have yet to hear back from Spook Media, the London-based new media marketing and advertising agency representing British spirits maker Diageo – who owns the Smirnoff brand – with regards to Smirnoff’s stance on the cultural phenomenon you see before you. It’s been theorized that Smirnoff has employed an incredibly complex, revolutionary marketing tactic in the creation and follow-through of Bros Icing Bros. We continue to content that there is no way in hell this is a marketing stunt, because the entire thing is predicated on how fundamentally terrible on every possible level Smirnoff Ice actually is. When we get comment, you’ll be the first to hear.Stay tuned, and godspeed you young bros.