Top 10 Tweets to a Dead Gary Coleman: ‘Damn Playboi You Dead’ and Many More


By now you’ve most likely heard about the death of beloved, and later kinda cracked-out, Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman today. The ex-California gubernatorial candidate (remember!?) died at his home in Utah after being hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage earlier this week. Now, the legendary Arnold Jackson is receiving the customary Twitter outpouring of RIPs and “whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis” references, along with a startling number of harsh postmortem short jokes.


Yes Gary Colemen was an angry midget but wouldn’t u b angry all the time if u were a midget? I kno i would.less than a minute ago via web



So, Gary Colemen R.I.P. (Sorry, this is a rather desperate bid to attract followers in the US.)less than a minute ago via web

At least he’s honest. #shamelessselfpromotion #whoAREyou


Gary colemen died aww.less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

Adorable even in death. Aww.


the Gary Coleman Laffs Express has arrived to make this day even more of a pain in the assless than a minute ago via web



Lots of older famous people seem to be dying lately. Sad to hear the news about Gary Colemen. RIPless than a minute ago via web

Similar reports spreading about regular older people.


R.I.P Gary Colemen………………… dam playboi u deadless than a minute ago via web

FYI, Gary.


Was anyone else disappointed that Gary Colemen didn’t die from a ‘stroke?less than a minute ago via Twittelator

Oh man, where were those pun skillz when he actually had a stroke earlier this year?


not to be mean but who is gary colemen?less than a minute ago via web

Perhaps you know daniellecarterx?

who is Gary Colemen? is he a football player or something? 😐less than a minute ago via web


Gary Coleman…..died 🙁less than a minute ago via txt

So difficult to create a dramatic pause on Twitter.


if they gave me a day off to mourn gary coleman’s death, would it only be a half day? #RIPGaryColemanless than a minute ago via web

Too. Soon.

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