Video: The Most Epic Marriage Proposal Ever, Starring Madison Square Park, a Chorus Line, Clowns, Cameras, and That “Shake Shake” Song


Game. Changed. All of us who have yet to propose to our One and Only are very, very unlikely to step it up to a level of production you’re about to see. Some people just have talent, and you can’t teach that kind of thing. This is incredible.

[Update: To be fair, the closeted chronic Weepy Wedding Ring Commercial-watching jocks at Deadspin got to this first, which is probably how it ended up in our corner of the universe. This note isn’t to credit them so much as to note that Deadspin got to it five and a half hours ago. These are the same guys who obsess over iPhone pics of Greg Oden’s peen like they’re the Zapruder Tapes. Impressive.]

Here’s the set-up:

1. The husband-to-be is a filmmaker. He also went to circus school. This becomes important later.

2. He has a friend who is also a filmmaker. This friend of the husband-to-be is supposedly making a documentary about relationships in Madison Square Park when the bride-to-be happens upon him, likely because she was told to meet someone there.

3. The friend tells her about the documentary — which explains all random people with cameras everywhere, kinda — and tells her he wants a soundbite. He sits her down.

And then, it starts. And a bunch of people are there to get it on tape. Single, married, divorced, whatever: You’d do best to hit the snooze button on your biological clock before watching this.

And another one:

And so on. Sure, there’s always something to be said for minimalism and doing it simply. But had this woman not said yes, this guy wouldn’t have the worst dating life in the world post-heartbreak. Then again, he’d have to one-up himself. If anything, this basically seals the Be bold, and awesome things happen. rule for wedding proposals. On that note, this will hopefully inspire future generations of proposers-to-be to rethink that whole Half-Time at the Game setup. It’s now officially played out.