“Is Tyler Perry Gay?” Piece in The Enquirer Quotes Me


It’s in the infamous “Who’s Gay & Who’s Not” issue, which you can read on the checkout line at D’Agostino.

It reads:

“Is Tyler Perry gay?

“Although the 40-year-old star openly supports gay rights, he ‘isn’t ready to expose his private life,’ said his aunt Thelma Thomas.

“The never-married actor-director reportedly had a man-crush on former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa and couldn’t wait to cast him in his upcoming movie.

“Tyler’s refusal to say whether he is gay or not was the subject of a column titled ‘Why Tyler Perry Won’t Come Out,’ by gay journalist Michael Musto, who wrote that it would benefit all gays if Tyler admitted his gayness.”

It was actually a blog, not a column, but otherwise, that all sounds about right.

Come on, Madea. Get out of your self-imposed prison.