The Five Best Facebook Comments on Photos of Hot Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana


You’ve probably seen a few photos of Debrahlee Lorenzana, Village Voice cover star and media sensation, over the past week, since our story about her discrimination lawsuit against Citibank. She’s everywhere, from television to CBS online to Forbes to the Daily News (who get no link, because they don’t know how they work).

But best of all are the array of Facebook groups in her honor. People love this woman, with the most popular group topping 2,300 fans. They are saying really funny things. Five favorites after the jump:

Names blurred to protect the perverted.


Topical humor, emoticon, complimentary — well played.


An earnest photography question amid a sea of come-ons.


I don’t speak this language, but I get the idea. Boom.


This is the photo. The shoes are rattlesnake?


Guys! Help.

Don’t miss this story; don’t miss these pictures.

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