Dan Halloran, Prince Among Men, Lays Royal Smackdown on NYPD


Our favorite new member of the City Council may not be running for Congress, but he appears to be running for Sheriff of Whitestone.

Dan Halloran (R-Queens), the heathen member of the city council who is prince of his own medieval domain, took it upon himself to arrest an NYPD officer. Sort of.

Halloran took it upon himself to chase down a traffic cop with his own car. According to the Daily News, Halloran’s traffic tussle began on Monday, when he allegedly saw Officer Daniel Chu speed past a stop sign, while chatting away on a cell-phone.

Halloran says it “set my radar off” when he saw that Chu’s lightbars were flashing because “I know the traffic agents have no emergency they have to run to.” (An interesting point, we suppose, but then why would the lights be there to begin with?)

Halloran chased down the gabbing cop in hot pursuit until Chu parked at a Dunkin’ Donuts (illegally, according to Halloran). Halloran started taking pictures, apparently while idling his car in a crosswalk.

Chu was none to pleased to be photographed, even after Halloran identified himself as a City Council member. He wrote Halloran a $165 ticket. The NYPD is investigating, but also told the News that Halloran was ticketed in January for illegally parking in a school zone.

City Council members, comprising the legislative branch of the city’s government, are not usually able to act as enforcers of the law. But when you run your own principality, you might be used to a more authoritative role. Or, maybe having been a cop before, Halloran just can’t get it out of his system.

That Halloran’s crusade was against a cop named Chu probably won’t help him smooth his relationship with the Asian communities in his district. His narrow win over Kevin Kim in last fall’s election happened after a bitter campaign, which seemed largely divided by race and ended with charges of racism.

But local cops beware: run a red light and his royal heathen highness might run you down!