Morning Links: Obama Talks, Spill Gets Bigger; Senate Approves No-Fault Divorce; Politicians Waste Time, Just Like Us!


• In his first national address from the Oval Office, President Obama promised again last night that he would hold BP accountable for all costs, and that we’d “use everything we’ve got” to respond to the spill, which new estimates say is at least 50% greater than previously known. He also called on Americans to reduce fossil fuels and named a former federal prosecutor Michael Bromwich as “spill czar.” Obama will meet with BP officials today. [LAT]

New York gets no-fault divorce — almost. The Senate approved the legislation yesterday, leaving the State Assembly to decide between two bills that contain some version of no-fault divorce. [NYT]

• The State has ruled that the owner of 128 Hester Street must pay more than a million dollars to the families displaced when the building there was declared unsafe and demolished last year. [The Lo-Down]

• “Taking a break” from all that Albany business yesterday, State Senator Craig Johnson replied to’s Sportsguy Bill Simmons’ tweet — “What would be the worst celebrity sex tape of all time? I say Helen Thomas with William Hung. Try to top it. You can’t” — with “Susan Boyle and Abe Vigoda.” All work and no play…[NYPost]

• 2nd Street and Avenue A may get a 7-11 (or a bank)…which has folks rather worked up. [EV Grieve]

• The fanciest Duane Reade ever will open up any day now. [NYC The Blog]

• The Floating Pool Lady is back! [NYT]