Runnin’ Scared Dept. of Lost and Found: Street Art Seeks Lost Duck, Possibly of Rubber Variety


Good Monday morning, New York City! In case you thought the world couldn’t get any worse, some poor soul has lost something very dear to them, and what do you do when you lose something in New York? Two things: you can resign yourself to the fact that it is Lost and Gone Forever — like your innocence — or you can make some ridiculous street art about it and wheatpaste the shit out of your sign everywhere until you get it back. Or you can just lie about losing something in the first place to make street art about it with some kind of subtext nobody will understand. Or you can do it just to be subversive and withhold meaning for others to interpret, because the truth is, you have nothing to actually say, and most street art is pretty meaningless anyway, and all in lieu of getting you a job at an ad agency doing viral marketing.

Whatever. Here’s a sign someone made about a lost duck:

Found outside the Village Voice offices on a mailbox. Whatever, I enjoyed it. And if you see any errant ducks that look like this, well, you don’t know who to call or what to do with it. Maybe you should just keep it to yourself and not lose it. Or let anybody else touch it.

Otherwise apropos of nothing, here’s a rap video of two Important American Rubber Duck Advocates. Happy Monday. Ante up, indeed.