Video: The Street Pianos Are Here, and Being Played!


Continuing in our series of trenchant coverage on Street Pianos — New York City’s newest experiment in public art, wherein, a bunch of pianos are going to be placed all over New York City, for people to play, whenever they want — we bring you raw footage from our neighborhood Street Piano at Astor Place!

The Street Pianos have already been to places like Sao Paolo, London, and Sydney, so it’s about time our city — one more than willing to engage in public art shenangians, like Central Park’s famous orange Gates, or the infamous NYC Waterfalls placed around the city in the summer of 2008 — gets outs. Luke Jerram, the artist behind Street Pianos, once had this to say to the New York Times about the project’s intent:

“They’re out there to get people talking to one another and to claim ownership and activate the public space,” said the creator of the project, Luke Jerram, an artist who lives in Bristol. He previously brought incarnations of it to Birmingham, England; São Paolo, Brazil; and Sydney, Australia. “It’s a blank canvas for everyone’s creativity.”

Walking around Astor Place today, getting our favorite mediocre neighborhood coffee from the Mud Truck, we found someone playing it! And now, you can watch:

As you can tell, this is going to turn out really, sincerely well for New York. It’s just nice. And no doubt, there’s gonna be plenty more where that came from, as not only are New Yorkers a pretty talented bunch, but this kind of thing is, of course, well in line with New York’s long-held tradition of epic, public piano jams. You can find a list of where the pianos are located here. They each have benches and songbooks with them. And if you have any good footage of yourself or someone jamming on them, well, you know where to send it. Get your meanest “Chopsticks” ready.