Kung Fu Chefs Provides Meaty Comedy at the NY Asian Film Festival





Though the New York City Food Film Festival is getting the lion’s share of the headlines this week, the New York Asian Film Festival also promises to give food-obsessed cinephiles something to slobber over when it kicks off tomorrow.

Specifically, the festival, which will run through July 8, will screen Kung Fu Chefs, an action-comedy starring Sammo Hung, one of the giants of Hong Kong cinema. Incidentally, Hung also happens to be an accomplished cook: As the festival website says, the two things he likes to do in life are “cook food and kick ass.”

Here, Hung plays Master Yee, a chef the website describes as “the Tom Colicchio of his village.” After Master Yee accidentally gives an entire wedding party food poisoning, he discovers that he’s been framed by a rival chef. Forced to leave his village, Yee ends up at another restaurant run by two sisters who want to turn it into the best in China. Although there isn’t much in the way of a concrete plot, there is a surfeit of gorgeous food and lots of anarchic and inspired acrobatics with a kitchen cleaver. The movie screens at the Walter Reade Theater on Saturday the 26th and Monday the 5th; tickets can be found via the NYAFF website.