Video: Screaming Girl on Florida Gulf Coast Beach Screaming to Mom to Get Oil Off Her Foot


The report on Destin Beach, Florida from CNN notes it as “open to the public.” Also, “the air quality is good, according to the Emerald Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.” And they kinda mention some “small scattered tar balls and oil patches” in Panama City Beach, but the tourists bureau there notes that their “‘sugary white sand beaches are open for the enjoyment of our guests” and that they’re only seeing “intermittent impact.” Which apparently looks like this:

[Fast-forward to about 2:23 for the fun times.]

Yes, in Destin Beach, Florida, people are swimming, and walking through patches of oil on the sand, which means it’s probably in the water, too. The nice thing about this is that if she ever grows up and vacations in Panama City, she’ll already have plenty off experience fending off the resident greaseballs. In other news, Joe Francis seems to have met his match. Not enough? Here, added value: a boat captain hired by BP to help clean up the spill in the gulf shot himself in the head after he became despondent with his tasks and financial situation brought upon him by the spill.